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Used by country people. Dank: marijuana. Dap: to give some type of handshake. Used by males and some females. Used by males in the country. Da shit: awesome, great.

Debo: to puck someone. Used by people in the restaurant business. Devastated: a condition one gets in when finishing up a long night of drinking by smoking marijuana. Usually it is hard to stand, walk, talk, or use any motor skills at this point. Dick riding: when a male goes out of his way to be friends with another male. Used by black males in Richardson.

Didly day!

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Oh, well! Response to From a car commercial. Response to Scooter my daisy heads! Diesel: awesome, impressive, unexpectedly large. Used to describe a high level of excitement when a situation turns out better than expected. Used by farm hands. Digits: phone number. Dill hole: to be a jerk, unpleasant to be around. Euphemism for dildo. Popularized by the character Donna on "That 70s Show.

I’m a New York City lawyer, but coronavirus has brought out the Kentucky survivalist in me.

Dime piece: what males call an extremely pretty girl. Dingle dork: somebody that is a little dumb. Dingy: to be ditzy. Dip: to be about to leave. See also bounce. Dirty dirty: the South. Used by Southerners. Doe, dough: money. Doe: the door.

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Used by country-talking people. Dog, dogg. Probably from the rapper Snoop Dogg. Dope: something that is really good. Dosia: marijuana. Mainly used by marijuana smokers. Double jeopardy: when you meet two guys, lust after one, but his buddy likes you. Down for whatever: willing to do anything. Mainly used by thugs and ghetto girls. Down low: to keep a secret.

Dragged: to work hard. Used by most people who work. Dragon breath: bad breath.

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Drama queen: a woman who over-exaggerates problems or disagreements; drama , a situation that has gotten out of hand. Drunk: someone who drinks too much. Dubbs: hubcaps or chrome rims for a car. Popularized by MTV show "Cribs. Dude: a guy. An expression of admiration or excitement. Ether: something that burns slow, someone who is hot.

Comes from a rap CD. Ether: a need. Occurs in a song sung by the rapper DMX. Fag: someone who is stupid or an idiot. Not necessarily a sexual reference. Fag: a homosexual. Fatty: A large marijuana cigarette. Also, when used by males from the country, a large chew of tobacco. Fatty girl: a woman with some meat on her bones, instead of being really skinny. Used by rappers and teenaged males. Fall out: to pass out because one is intoxicated.

Used by the bar crowd. Feel me? Do you understand?

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Fine: to look good; to be very attractive; used of both males and females. Used by those who make moonshine. Fire weed: good marijuana. See fire water. Five finger discount: to steal or shoplift. Popularized in the old TV show "Hawaii Flamer: someone who is gay; a homosexual; someone whose behavior seems flagrantly or typically homosexual. Floss: a piece of jewelry. Used in a J-Lo video. Used in rap songs and videos where rappers show off their possessions. Fo sho: for sure.

Used by teenagers, often African Americans. Four boob syndrome: when your bra rides up and it looks like you have four breasts. Used by people who work in restaurants.

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From the old police code "" for a drug felony in progress. Four - wheeler with ears : a horse. Freak : a wild girl. Used by males African Americans, mostly and rappers. Freak out : to worry excessively. From the dirty : from the South. Used by people from the South. Front : to put on a "front" or a fake image to try to impress someone; to deny someone. Old military slang now in widespread use.

Fuck : to have sexual intercourse with; most of the time refers to rough sex. Used by anybody who uses profanity and has sex. Fuck off : leave me alone! Fuck up : a person or thing that is really messed up badly. Fucked up : intoxicated by drugs or alcohol. Fugly : fucking ugly. A very ugly person. Fun girl : a gold digger; a female who wants to take advantage of a male. Used by blacks, by males.

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Used by people from Columbia. Game: a male who has skills. Used by females and males.