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The Nile has two major tributaries: the longer White Nile, considered the prime stream and headwaters; and the Blue Nile, which carries about two-thirds of the river's water volume and most of the silt. But Lake Victoria isn't necessarily the most distant and "true" source of the Nile River because the lake itself has many feeder rivers coming in from the surrounding mountains. In , a British explorer named Neil McGrigor said he'd traveled to the Nile's most distant source at the beginning of the Kagera River, Lake Victoria's longest feeder river.

Still, experts do not agree which tributary of the Kagera is the longest — and therefore the most distant — source of the Nile.

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From there, the river flows north through the desert in Egypt, and finally, by way of a large delta, the Nile flows into the Mediterranean Sea. The Nile waters flow at an average volume of million cubic meters It takes approximately three months for the waters near the town of Jinja, Uganda the point where the Nile leaves Lake Victoria , to reach the Mediterranean Sea. The Nile Delta is approximately miles km long from north to south, and it spreads out along about miles km of Egyptian coastline, from Alexandria in the west to Port Said in the east.

It is one of the world's largest river deltas with about 40 million inhabitants — approximately half of Egypt's population.

Just before reaching the Mediterranean Sea, the river splits into two main branches, the Rosetta Branch to the west and the Damietta to the east. Perhaps no river on Earth has captured the human imagination quite like the Nile River. From stories of Pharaohs and man-eating crocodiles to the discovery of the Rosetta stone, it was here, along the river's fertile banks, that one of the world's most remarkable civilizations — Ancient Egypt — was born around B.

The Nile was not only the source of life for the ancient Egyptians, but is still so today for the millions of people living along its banks. The Nile River was central to the Ancient Egyptians rise to wealth and power. Since rainfall is almost non-existent in Egypt, the Nile River and its yearly floodwaters offered the people a fertile oasis for rich agriculture. The Nile is associated with many gods and goddesses, all of whom the Egyptians believed were deeply intertwined with the blessings and curses of the land, weather, culture and abundance of the people.


They believed the gods were intimately involved with the people and could help them in all facets of their lives. In some myths, the Nile was considered a manifestation of the god Hapi who blessed the land with abundance, according to the Ancient History Encyclopedia. Isis, the goddess of the Nile and the "Giver of Life," was believed to have taught the people how to farm and work the land. The water god Khnum, who ruled over all forms of water, even the lakes and rivers in the underworld, was believed to be in charge of the amount of silt that flooded the river banks every year.

In later dynasties, Khnum branched out to become the god of rebirth and creation as well. Each year, heavy summer rains upstream and melting snow in the Ethiopian Mountains would fill the Blue Nile well over its capacity and send a torrent of water downstream. The extra water would then spill over the banks onto the dry desert land of Egypt. Once the floods subsided, thick black silt, or mud, would be left behind on the ground.

The silt created rich, fertile soil for planting crops — vital in this land of so little rain. Approximately 96 percent of the sediment carried by the Nile River originates in Ethiopia, according to the New World Encyclopedia. The silt area was known as the Black Land, while the desert lands further out were known as the Red Land. Mountain Bike Rentals. Mountain Bike Tours. Outback Tours.

The Nile: Longest River in the World

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