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Obviously, expat life in New Zealand goes well beyond shipping your belongings and taking care of red tape. Socializing with fellow South Africans is an important facet of living abroad and can be a huge stepping stone in getting to know the New Zealand mentality and way of life. South Africans in New Zealand are a part of our community, calling cities such as Christchurch, Auckland, Wellington, and many others home. Wondering where to shop for South African delicatessen, want to discuss your national team's latest match, or simply talk to someone in your native language?

Additionally, InterNations hosts regular expat events and activities in New Zealand. Want to discover New Zealand? Go on a weekend trip with your fellow expats to see the nation's Art Deco capital and other beautiful landmarks. Our meet-ups and activities offer many wonderful opportunities to mingle with expatriates hailing from South Africa and dozens of other countries in a casual setting. Since I knew about the active expat network in New Zealand, InterNations made moving to Wellington more exciting than it had seemed before.

Log in. Connect with fellow South Africans in New Zealand. Get information in our New Zealand guide. Join exciting events and activities. Exchange tips about expat life in New Zealand. Serhat Ahmed With all of the information that InterNations provided on Wellington, it made my move from Turkey easier than I could have imagined. Meet other South Africans in New Zealand. Meet other South Africans at our events in New Zealand Attend our monthly events and activities for South Africans expatriates to get to know like-minded expatriates in real life.

Let's have a brunch at one of the good places in beautiful Welly. Brunch in Browns Bay. Want to meet other South Africans at our events?

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Our Global Partners. Ask experienced South African expats in New Zealand! Where can I find South African food? Where can I meet other South Africans? Are there South African schools in my city? Ideas and Fun Group.

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Find other South Africans to share your hobbies with. Our network is the best place to meet expats from South Africa. On the New Zealand Expat Forums, you can get competent answers to all your expat-related questions: how to find a babysitter fluent in your mother tongue, where to get bobotie in Wellington, etc. Melanie Rasbery Since I knew about the active expat network in New Zealand, InterNations made moving to Wellington more exciting than it had seemed before.

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Croats in New Zealand. Czechs in New Zealand. The process is relatively anonymous as potential partners are unaware if a user has rejected them by swiping left.

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Technologically mediated intimacies refer to contemporary intimate contact, which is made or facilitated by some form of computer-based technology Farvid, a. Reasons given for using online dating are similar to those often given before its inception e. Heterosexual dating has historically involved profoundly gendered manifestations of goals, desires and strategies see Bailey, These encounters were casual in nature Peiss, , and reflected the gendered negotiations women and men engaged in over the economic and social value of entertainment, female company, and sex Clement, The system of treating introduced a new mode of heterosexual interaction that continues to underpin contemporary systems of dating Bailey, Unlike conventional dating, online dating provides women greater access to a larger pool of potential male partners Korenthal, The face-to-face meeting is the ultimate test which then determines if a relationship forged online will continue, in whatever capacity, off-line Padgett, Women report online dating allows them to be more considerate as well as assertive regarding partner selection Schubert, ; Korenthal, The anonymity online dating provides has also been identified as a positive factor.

Online dating has recently been supplemented by many mobile dating apps e.

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The existent literature on dating apps has largely focused on Grindr, which was released in , and is marketed at men who have sex with men. This research has either been quantitative and primarily focused on sexually transmitted infections e. Qualitative work has noted that Grindr redefines the boundaries between physical location and online space — producing a layering of space and place that is unique to location-aware dating apps Blackwell et al.

Users report enjoying being able to use the app while travelling to meet people from the same sexual community. While some men use it exclusively for obtaining sex, others use it to chat with other men and explore their sexual identity Blackwell et al. Although some men value Grindr as a useful platform for meeting new people, for making friends, and procuring relationships or casual sex, others noted that the app objectified men and was distracting as well as time-consuming Brubaker et al.

Some men also reported frustrations regarding difficulties discerning whether users were genuine or merely using the app for curiosity and entertainment Blackwell et al. We also interrogate whether Tinder created more opportunities for the women to explore their sexuality, if it intensified the spectre of risk, as touted by the media, or whether there where elements of both possibilities.

Three of the participants worked in the health sector, one worked with youth, and one participant was an undergraduate student. The length of time women had spent on Tinder varied from three months to two years. Ethical approval for the project was sought and gained form the Auckland University of Technology Ethics Committee. Participants were interviewed by the second author using a semi-structured style.

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Interviews ranged from 30 to 53 minutes, were audiotaped and transcribed verbatim producing pages of data. Transcripts were anonymized before analysis, with all identifying information removed or altered all names are pseudonyms. Critical realism allows for an in-depth and critical examination of social phenomena, while allowing the researcher to make claims about the real life effects of research outcomes Easton, Inductive TA means that the data itself was used to derive the structure of the analysis rather than fitting the data into pre-determined categories.

Although the data was largely analysed at a semantic or surface level, looking at the explicit language and meanings conveyed by the women, it went beyond that to examine the cultural ideologies or discourses that informed the talk. This analytic process was carried out by the second author, in full consultation with the first author. Tinder was described by the women as new and novel, as well as a contradictory and contested site of varied uses.

Four themes were identified that reflect this tension: Tinder as a new landscape, Tinder as a multipurpose tool, Tinder as a risky domain and new technology, old norms? We discuss these below. Tinder was portrayed as a relatively ambiguous interface that was vastly different to other forms of online communication:. That was something that interested me in Tinder Age: Tinder was also contrasted with online dating in terms of purpose and usability:. Age: Here, Tinder is portrayed as quick, easy and simple to use, in contrast to online dating which is more thorough and labour intensive.

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Thus, it is considered by users to be more casual and less complicated. The women also spoke of online dating as carrying more social stigma than Tinder. Sarah: Like my friend and her boyfriend were like yeah you have to do this and they like sat down and made my profile for me. Furthermore, rather than being a hidden activity carried out in solitude like online dating , Tinder use was something that the participants talked about, and used, with friends.

In comparing Tinder to Facebook and Snapchat, Bella bolsters its acceptability, aligning it with popular social media apps, rather than conventional online dating or other match-making technology. Tinder thus occupied a unique hybrid status, as both social networking tool and dating app.